Pastor Rob Barber

Senior Pastor

Pastor Rob Barber was born and was raised in Meigs County. He was blessed to be raised in a Christian home. Like many teens, he temporarily turned his back on God, leading a life that really didn’t set right with the biblical truth he had been taught and what he knew deep down in his heart. In 1976, he married his high school sweetheart, Tammi, to establish a partnership in life and ministry that continues to bless our region today.

Pastor Rob was called to pastor South Bethel New Testament Church in the fall of 1995. This was the same church Rob and Tammi were married in and where they gave their lives to Christ. Pastor Duane and Elsie Sydenstricker were in failing health and were no longer able to tend to their flock. With the new pastor in place, the church grew both numerically and spiritually; and in 2001, its name was changed to Bethel Worship Center and recently
shortened to Bethel.

Pastor Rob and his wife are proud parents of three children. Daughter Jessica Dawson, with her husband Doug and their three children reside near Dallas, Texas and attend Compass Christian Church. Daughter Beth Ringer, her husband Brady and their two sons live nearby in Athens County and serve proudly at Bethel, where Beth helps in the children’s ministry. Son Micah Barber, wife Tricia and their two daughters also live nearby in Athens County and attend Bethel.

Looking back, the Barbers recognize the hand of God in every chapter of their lives and they are thankful to be serving Meigs County, leading a dynamic group of people in ministry and evangelism. They look forward to reaching people within the 50-mile area of the church, surrounding communities, state, nation and world being reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ from right here in Meigs County, Ohio.

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