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Bethel Elders

Bethel Elders

Bethel Deacon and Deaconess Board

Bethel Deacon and Deaconess Board

Pastor Rob Barber

Senior Pastor

Pastor Otis Crockron

Associate Pastor and Worship Pastor

Ivy Crockron

Worship Leader

Pastor Eddie Baer

Assistant Pastor, Connect Groups, BeDotKids

Pastor Terry McGee

Visitation Pastor

Seva Wells

Youth Ministry Leader

Terri Bahr

Program Coordinator at Our Time Ministries

Christy Maxey

Manna and More Food Pantry

Janice Middleton

Coordinator of Hearts and Hands Thrift Store

Chris Deemer

Praise Team and Sound Team

Todd Wolfe

Televised Media and Praise Team

Tina Ball

Media Ministry, Flag Ministry, Zoomies for Jesus facilitator and Website Ministry.